Sweet Hot Mustard

This is the Best Damn mustard you will ever have.
It has been in the family for Generations!


                                              4 oz dry mustard

                                              1 cup white white vinegar

                                              1 cup sugar

                                              6 large eggs

Blend together mustard and vinegar and let set out in covered container over night.  

Next day blend sugar and eggs till smooth.  (I put this in a blender) Then add the vinegar and mustard mixture; blend on low till smooth. 

Cook over low to medium high heat stirring till it comes to a rolling boil. 

Remove from heat and let cool. 

Put in containers and refrigerate.

Will keep for 3 months.

Great with sausage, ham, pork, chicken and beef.  

Makes a Great dip for pretzels and chips too!!!


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